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The above video goes into the history of humanity as an epic stupidity, stupidity and brutality, the arrogance by a miserable job that the police chief believes it has is manifested by sexual violence he commits, and amazingly, they shoot their own pretenses .

Who is familiar with the case that the police know, Vanessa, probably committed the crime of extortion (yes, probably because a flagrant done by these police chiefs even calls into question the validity of all its acts.

The sheriff who appears in the video by stripping the clerk of the police seems to take care of your body "gorilla," but it should give more attention to your neurons and take care of them.

When the military police arbitrariness and violence committed on the street, in my personal trial, I always give a discount, because these officers are in situations of stress and no time to plan anything. Just put into practice what they have trained. But these "most excellent doctors" had time to do striking well prepared, taking all measures to avoid committing abuses and not lose the contents of the test material. But they were so pathetic that they managed to make a simple arrest of a criminal in a "rape."

A gang of men who take to violence to a woman's clothing is yes rape and sexual violence. Do not give me sir EDUARDO HENRIQUE DE CARVALHO GUSTAVO HENRIQUE GONÇALVES FILHO and argue the intricacies of the law that is rape. You've done too much, we want to hear the sound of their mouths is dead silence.

I have watched lots of violent scenes and some of them even participated, but what this police chief with the red suit of "Superman" did is worthy of exalted him to the Assyrian warriors, Mongols, Nazi soldiers and SS.

I wonder how these "Mongol" were able to make an arrest of a woman, in a blatant meticulously planned and not lead a group of women searching for the "crime "????

Neither the "geese" that roamed the precincts of old would be capable of committing such a folly that these heads of police crimes.

What hurts me is that every moron who commits an abuse of the name of the state, who has to pay the bill is the population. These heads of police should have the Doom of its assets to pay the "criminal" who committed the rape.

The level of police officers for a long time coming down, even at the time of arrest a clerk they need the legal support and guidance from the Registrar of police being booked ....

If you EDUARDO HENRIQUE DE CARVALHO GUSTAVO HENRIQUE GONÇALVES FILHO and had heard the cries of "criminal clerk" would not have given this show Dante.

What these two POLICE OFFICERS did was a crime against the person, the woman, the police and the office of the Registrar has massacred POLICE. Famous for being the only people who work at the station, but clerks are now famous for work, learning to commit crime with officials from other careers and also for being "naked at police stations."

Nothing will happen to these police chiefs, according to my predictions, even with the infamous district attorney who requested the filing of the records concerning the abuse deAutoridade. Has anyone seen the abuse of authority??

Humanity owes HUMAN BEASTS at least the recognition of his pedagogical works. Of the Police Academies, the classes of police techniques will show this video to tell you what NOT TO DO.

"Doctors," "Authorities" EDUARDO HENRIQUE DE CARVALHO FILHO and GUSTAVO HENRIQUE GONÇALVES, answer some questions:
1 - There was imminent danger that the clerk could endanger the life of the team's internal affairs to justify the immediate "plucking" it?

2 - Why no turn, requested the money, we only hear repeatedly "you'll have to get undressed," I will not take your clothes off "?????

3 - It was extremely important that the money be seized? Or the concussion is characterized by the simple fact require undue advantage??

4 - The film contributes to the proof of the crime, or was obscured by the large audience that was a long time wanting to see the clerk of that pussy??

5 - This case was a good thing, had other witnesses to see the vagina of the "criminal." My credibility in human institutions give me a premonition that the other officers who were in this Release OPERATION Parakeet will be punished for dereliction of duty, having seen the delegates committing shameless acts and did nothing. The Military Police Women, the Metropolitan Guard and all those present (exect chiefs of police) are guilty of malfeasance !!!!!!!!

According to my intuition, these heads of police will be placed into storage until cool things. Tomorrow another scandal will arise and our astonished eyes will turn to another aberration. Aberration aberration walk to mankind.

Before concluding I want to congratulate the heads of police who participated in this operation, because humanity was needing to get rid of this criminal who were acting dangerously and endangering society. Besides the voluminous amount of money recovered. 4 These notes should be laminated and placed in a memorial museum to billions of public money that is diverted, the grandiose criminal organizations headed by high-ranking officers. Today peaceful sleep knowing that one of the greatest crimes of Brazil was settled by the police internal affairs.

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